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Satisfied Clients

Thank you for being such an attentive and caring doula.  Anna's birth was really magical, and I will always remember the calm and caring atmosphere in that birthing room.     - T 

It was nice to have someone present who I trust, and is educated about childbirth procedures.  Thanks for all your help.  We really appreciated everything you did for us.           - A & C

We are so happy that we selected you for our doula.  You have exceeded our expectations!  Thanks for all of your support and the little extras.     - C & B

Thank you so much for being our doula!  Your support before, during, and after Colin's birth was appreciated.  Thank you for taking all the great pictures and for writing such a nice birth story.  These are wonderful memories to have.  We hope to be able to work with you again in the future.   -  M & T

The service of a doula was extremely beneficial for both the laboring mother and the father in the role as coach.  Stephanie was an integral part of the last weeks of the pregnancy, the birth, and in the time after the birth.  She consistently exceeded our expectations in her professionalism, knowledge, dedication, and human warmth.  We both felt confident and supported by our doula.  Adelyn's birth was a positive and special occasion thanks to Stephanie's care.   - N & J

 Thank you for your support during my pregnancy and after (our baby's) arrival.  For me, having someone to talk to about the numerous tests and eventual diagnosis was a great relief!  B & T

 The best experience!!  Doulas, I recommend!! (ecstatic dad!)  Would recommend to all expecting parents!  - R & D