Childbirth Companion

Doula Care & Educational Support


Baby Riley

The best decision we made in preparing for the birth of our first baby, Riley, was hiring Stephanie. Her pre-natal classes were extremely informative, showing us what happens to my body and our baby's during pregnancy and childbirth. The classes also helped us both be as prepared as possible for any situation that may arise.
During labour Stephanie was amazing, we seriously don't know how we, mainly I, could have survived without her. I had a great deal of back labour and she was right there through every contraction from 8:00am - 12:30am the next day. Not only helping me, but showing Geordie what he could do to help comfort me.
We highly recommended using the services a Doula provides and especially recommended Stephanie.
Valerie Newton and Geordie Newlands, Port Carling, Muskoka

Baby Kipton

Being first time parents we were looking for a supportive, knowlegeable, and easy going coach, and Stephanie was a perfect fit. She had no agenda and allowed us to create a birth plan that suited us. Stephanie eased any concerns I had prior to labour and prepared my husband and I for any possible outcomes during delivery. She was a great support providing constant reassurance and motivation. She provided comfort measures and helped my husband to be an active support during the labour. We never felt alone or confused, and it was great having the extra care before, during and after delivery. She gave us private moments alone when we needed to discuss anything and it felt perfectly natural to have her at the birth of our first son.      - Chad & Charlene Lofthouse, Tillsonburg

Leah & Levi

I had Stephanie for my Doula at the birth of both my children. My first was an unplanned hospital induction and she was invaluable as a support for both my husband and I in a very stressfull but exciting time. My second child was born at home. I had a waterbirth and she was also very helpfull providing comfort and reassurance when I was worried that my midwives might not arrive in time for the birth. I also really appreciate the pictures and birth story and video she provided of the birth.    - John & Jolinda Martens, Tillsonburg

Oliviah & Josiah

The birth of our children have been the most beautiful and positive life occasions. Of them, the natural birth of our preemie in hospital (on Christmas Day!) and most recently a lovely home birth. Having Stephanie as our doula gave us the confidence, wisdom and support we needed to fully embrace and experience the births we desired. She was an invaluable source of information, helped us navigate confusing and conflicting information, listened to our concerns and supported us completely as we laboured and birthed. Stephanie was a great source of knowledge and encouragement during the transition from tube feeding to successfully breastfeeding both our babies. We believe every pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience can highly benefit from having the support of a doula like Stephanie at your side.    - Dr. Stephane and Crystal Laverdiere, Tillsonburg